What precautions do I need to follow to ensure there are no paperwork foul-ups? o Proof of Citizenship/ Travel Requirement: Proof of US Citizenship is required for all travel outside the United States but the days of certified (raised seal) birth certificates and drivers licenses are coming to an end. Currently, US citizens, including children, returning to the USA by air must have a valid US passport (one that does not expire within 6 months of the return date of the trip). A passport or equivalent secure document for all travel by US citizens within the western hemisphere is scheduled to phase in soon. Don't take a risk based on the above. There are many circumstances where you may unexpectedly need to return home by air. CruiseWomen strongly recommends prompt action to obtain a passport for ALL travel. A valid passport should be considered a travel basic. <http://travel.state.gov/> o As you can imagine, quite a few adults and many more children lack such official documents. The process of passport application is not particularly difficult but does require time. Time constraints can, presently, be compressed by throwing money at the problem. As phased deadlines near, however, timely passport acquisition may not be possible at any price, as tens of thousands of applicants overwhelm government resources. o We strongly urge you to take action promptly to apply for or, if necessary, renew passports for yourself and all family members. It will simplify your travel now and ensure you meet requirements later. Don’t get caught up in the crush of procrastinators and, as a result, miss out on a terrific travel opportunity. o For instructions on passport application and renewal, go to: http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html o Although not valid as identification, it’s a good idea to make several copies of your Passport to aid with replacement: one to leave at home with a trusted person; one to carry separate from your passport in case of loss or theft. This is also a good idea for your credit cards (front and back), to make replacement or cancellation easier. o For other detailed information on passport requirements, application forms, and travel information, see: http://travel.state.gov/ o Review All Tickets and Documents: It is the sole responsibility of the client to review and verify all information printed on the supplier’s tickets, documents and/or accompanying literature. Verify all passenger names, tour, ship, travel dates, air transport, cabin assignment, hotel accommodations and all other information. There may be change fees and/or fare increases involved in changes to names or dates. o Read invoices thoroughly: The client will be the only recipient of invoices and is solely responsible to convey all information listed on invoices to all travel companions. Passenger names should reflect complete legal names. o Read Supplier’s Brochures and/or WEB Site Carefully: Brochures contain important information concerning your vacation. Review policies concerning cancellation penalties. Review any other pertinent information. o Print Out and Keep Travel Insurance Policy with Your Cruise Documents: The policy contains important information regarding coverage, action, and contact numbers in the event of an unforeseen vacation crisis.
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