We are a highly experienced, cruise consulting agency specializing in personally tailored cruise experiences, including careful exploration and consideration of our client's needs, desires, and limitations.  We provide unique and specialized guidance and advice unavailable from agencies focusing on high volume.  We assist in preparations, offer exclusive cruise-enhancing information, and eagerly seek a follow-up critique.  We handle clients of every stripe and bookings of all sizes, from individuals to large groups.  For large bookings, we will frequently travel with the group to act as onboard ombudsman and ship liaison.  We are an accredited member of Cruise Lines International Association, Inc. and participate in an on-going program of trainings, conventions and seminars, ship inspections, and cruise evaluations.  We also solicit and collect client feedback for "real world" data.  We follow a "holistic" approach in our travel services.  After interviewing, counseling, and preparing our clients on what to expect when they book a vacation with CruiseWomen.com, we coach them on how to turn the unexpected to their advantage.  We also offer ways to ensure that you leave a beneficial mark on the places you visit.  Please visit our Traveling Charitably page for suggestions on how YOU can be a positive influence in the world. CLIA Affiliate Since 1996 •	Where are the best cabins? •	How do I handle special food needs? •	What are the dress requirements? •	What documents do I need? •	Which is best--early or late seating? •	Can I cruise without gaining weight? •	What "extras" should I pack? •	How and who do I tip?  Let us steer you on the right course!
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